11 December 2011

The Greens of Summers

© Davida Karol

Davida Karol died Friday. You may not have heard of her but I think she was one of the classiest old broads you could ever meet. She was mostly known as an artist, actor, photographer, writer. She never really gained much fame in any one medium but excelled at whatever she did. She painted landscapes, photographed politicians and normal people, translated Russian and Polish literature into Hebrew, played old ladies and grandmothers on TV. She is best known to art gallery owners as a stubborn old lady who would nag you until you showed her work. People who watch Israeli TV might not know her name but would recognise her as that old lady.


Anonymous said...

No, I am sorry to say that i have not heard of this lady. I am sorry for your loss.

your blogs consistently surprise me.

Anonymous said...


I like simon and garfunkle and even simon when he sang kodachrome.

Anonymous said...

I might be related to her, cause I'm Milan Davida